Startup Connect

What is Startup Connect?

The Quad Connect is a program whereby we scout, source, unlock and develop technical talent for startups.

Why are we doing this?

Everyday we're approached by startups looking for technical talent. If our interests align, we might work with them, but we have limited development capacity. There's a sizable gap between work available and qualified candidates.

For Developers

We seek to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with you. We have dozens of real job opportunities available right now.

Not every developer is ready for a startup job. We can prescribe a self-study course to guide you toward skill development that benefits both you and our ecosystem. We can also provide contract work to limit financial risk and build experience.

There are no fees for this help.

Why work at a startup?

Working at a startup maximizes your personal growth, gives you an opportunity to earn compensation + equity in the business you work for, and usually comes with a lot of work schedule flexibility. If you choose the right company, you can even align your personal mission with your work, which can lead to actually not hating Monday mornings.

What skills are in demand?

Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP, HTML5/CSS/UX, Android and Objective-C.

For Startups[Startup]

We reach out to the area's top startups to understand what staff you need — co-founder, contractors, full-time employees. Whatever.

We negotiate a startup-friendly fee structure based on your development stage. Why do we ask for this fee? We're putting resources in. We're spending time scouting, interviewing and networking. We're coaching, mentoring and developing talent. We're convincing developers to leave comfortable corporate jobs, and providing financial fallbacks.